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We make engagement with your brand & business enjoyable so your guests can share their experiences online, all the while having fun.

  • Snap – Tag – Print

  • Guests use their own phones to take pictures, then post their pics on Instagram or Twitter using your events unique hashtag to get their branded polaroids printed instantly.

  • Your guests get prints they love. And you get an easy-to-track boost on you social media engagement.

  • Instantly display user generated contact on TV’s and projectors throughout the event.

Together with our sister company Social Tag Me, we put at your service a large selection of Social Media tools for corporate events, weddings and private events that work!

Some of the tools include:


Green Screen uses the latest imaging technology to flawlessly put your guests in front of any backdrop or setting in a photo or gif. You can even add an overlay branding!

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With Live Feed you can build a stunning visual display of your event from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, RSS, Pinterest, Tumblr and many more platforms.

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360 Live

Give your animated GIFs a 360º spin around with our podium mounted rotating camera.

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Details Coming Soon!

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Taking a sequence of still images, our Photobooth creates them into a GIF for your guests to share on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat!

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Using our Photobooth an animated GIF is created from a sequence of still images for anyone in the event to share in their favourite social media network.

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Hashtag Printer will let your guests print out their Instagram photos publicly shared to Instagram with your unique wedding hashtag.

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Get your users to follow your brand in Snapchat and let them send their snaps to our printer. For that extra wow factor you can add geofilters and branded prints.

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Some of our Clients include…